Wool rug Kinuski


Kinuski is a handwoven structured wool-cotton blended rug. The three-dimensional surface is formed from thick wool yarn. The lively texture highlights the variations in the natural shades of wool, making each rug unique.

Wool is naturally antistatic and dirt-resistant which makes it a perfect material for rugs. A wool rug does not absorb humidity so it feels warm and cozy even in chilly spaces. Using undyed sheep wool as a material saves a lot of water in the production process. Please note that a natural white wool rug is never optical white, it is always slightly yellowish. Wool, as well as all new natural materials, have their own particular odour which gradually disappears after time and use.

Anno rugs are woven in SA8000 or Sedex certified, family-owned companies in India.

Size: 80x200, 140x200, 160x230, 190x290 cm

Material: weft 80% wool, 20% cotton, warp 100% cotton

Availability: Delivery time 2-4 weeks

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