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Gertrud is the tiniest if them all, but she knows magic. Once, in an attempt to prevail her insecurity, she created a magical circus tent and found her passion and self-confidence in costume design. Among needle and thread, burning jumpsuits and fluttering tulle we get to follow Gertrud’s journey, both the one inside herself and the one she is doing in the magical flying circus.

Gertrud – the little seamstress, is a dreamy book on rhyme for children 3-6 years old.

The book is 32 pages of Mrs Mighetto’s typical whimsical mark of fairy tale and watercolor.

…When the sun dispels darkness and night turns to day,

she knows that being tiny doesn’t mean being frail.

That strength lies in being who we are and finding our will,

whether we want to paint, sing, sew or just sit still.

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