Baby dinnerware set, beet

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Beautiful and practical baby's dinnerware set designed and made responsibly in Sweden. It's made of FSC®1 and PEFC-certified wood fiber and bio-based polypropylene - a food-safe material that is used in most plastic dinnerware today.

You can read more about the material of Cink dinnerware here.

A set includes a stylish bowl, sippy cup and feeding spoon for the baby's first meals. Comes in a beautiful box made of recycled materials which makes it a perfect gift too.


– Suitable for hot and cold food and beverage

– Wash dinnerware before first use

– Dishwasher safe

– Do not microwave

– Recycle with plastic

– Cink material is tested and approved for food contact according to the regulation 1935/2004 and 10/2011.

​​​​​​- This sustainable bio-composite is made with natural elements; therefore, slight color imperfections or inconsistencies may occur.

- Supervision of an adult is required while using the spoon since this spoon is for feeding only and not for the child to eat on their own.

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